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About Our Live in Service

What is live in care

Live-in care offers continuous, 24/7 support from a devoted caregiver who resides with you in your residence, providing immediate assistance whenever needed. We recognize that providing or receiving support from a loved one with care requirements can occasionally feel daunting. For this reason, our live-in care is tailored to your specific needs, daily habits, and personal preferences. By choosing Kandle Care’ live-in care, you and your family members can concentrate on what truly matters: enjoying precious moments together.

Is there a difference between live-in care and 24-hour care?

Live-in care may encompass 24-hour assistance if continuous support is needed to address more complex medical requirements.
You may choose live-in care if you require consistent assistance for certain health issues but not continuous care. A range of diverse factors might necessitate 24-hour care for an individual. Here are a few instances:
Physical disability
If someone has severe physical needs and requires constant aid
Advanced dementia
In the event that they are suffering from severe dementia and cannot be left unattended
Palliative care
If a person is in their last days and undergoing palliative care.

Companionship through live in care

Alternatively, if you have certain health concerns that do not require continuous care, you might consider a live-in caregiver. This option is popular among individuals with minor challenges, such as those who cannot bathe themselves or need assistance with mobility aids. Having a professionally trained caregiver not only offers reassurance to you and your family, but also provides valuable companionship.

Why choose live in care from Kandle Care?

At Kandle Care, we pride ourselves on our exceptional staff expertise, commitment to companionship, and extensive experience in providing top-notch live-in care services. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers are dedicated to offering personalized, around-the-clock support tailored to meet each client's unique needs. We believe that strong companionship is essential to overall well-being, and our team goes above and beyond to foster meaningful connections that enrich our clients' lives.

To us, you embody the essence of family

Our company, grounded in the principles of familial values, embraces each customer as an integral part of our close-knit circle. The focus of our attention is on you. We will take the time to understand you and your routines and preferences, ensuring that you receive personalized support tailored specifically for you.

What’s included in live in care?